UPSAFE Industrial Company Inc. is engaged in sales and distribution of various items. We offer a wide range of quality products and equipment suit to all levels of safety protocols that are affordable and durable, from clean room products to laboratory and industrial equipments. We offer top level performance and efficient delivery.

The goal of UPSAFE Industrial Company has been to be the industry leader in quality, products performance and regulatory compliance in personal protective equipment.

Your satisfaction remains to be our No. 1 concern.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to building a productive and equally satisfying partnership with your company.


—The company’s mission is to provide a safe environment for our customers and their employees. We anticipate to supply quality products and services that will exceed our customers expectations, and to commit to continuous improvement and innovation to keep customers for life.



—The company’s vision is to create a safe and healthy working environment promoting competitive marketing and committing to the highest standards towards a better nation.